“Authentic Real Use Kukri Not Just For Tourist Trade”

Gurkha Kukri


Effective Weapon

Curved shaped creates a wedge effect which helps to cut effective and deeper

Chopping Wood

So effective that it Can be used for chopping wood and even for splitting wood.


Kukri ican be used in close comabat and is very effective in Combat


Kukri can be used for salughtering, skinning animals. 

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel 5160 and 52100 from leaf spring of cargo trucks are used to making kukri.

Outdoor Tool

Multifunctional purpose of kukri and replace many tools and serve as effective outdoor tool. 


Both mean the same.Khukuri is the Nepalese version and kukri is  an anglicised version. 

Gurkha Kukri

Kukri are used by gurkha warriors. Gurkha are known as some of the worlds fiercest warriors ever to take up arms. Kukri is effective self defense weapon which can last forever and is special enough to pass down genration

Deadliest weapon

Due to its weight and shape of blade that bends towards opponent, the user need not to use power or  to angle the wrist while executing. The Bowie Blade, the Stiletto, the Scimitar, the Roman Sword, the Cleaver, etc, have all, at one time or the other, assumed incredible verifiable parts as considerable weapons. The khukuri outshines them all!

Backup Weapon

Kukri is the default melee weapon for snipers and additionally used by way of people to accompany alongside their guns,incase they run out of bullet kukri can be very effective.

Hiking, Treaking weapon

In american individuals utilize this to battle four legged foe while continuing setting up camp or climbing. Kukri can fill in as self protection weapon, as wood chopper or wood splitter, Butcher blade, Devices for clearing and in any event, for digging.


Years Old History

Hardness @ Middle of Blade (Belly)

Hardness @ Back of Blade (Spine)

Hardness @ Edge of Blade

Authentic kukri requires a skilled blacksmith to manually treat the blade so that it has different hardness at different points in the blade, which enables the kukri to flex and take the strain without breaking. 


Umlimited Possibilities 

Kukri Parts

Kukri bottom part straight edge is used as regular knife

The part above it is the sweet spot, the curve part, it is curved upon impacts , the cruve enables it to wrap around , its used for 90% of the chopping.

The part above the curve part is used for heavy chopping or splitting. wood etc

The Tip of the kukri can be used to penetrate or even for digging.

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