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For most website owners, SEO is a myth and an invention of content marketers to rip them of their hard-earned money.

But is SEO really a figment of our imagination or one of those rumors spread by mischievous marketers to rob you of your money?

Definitely not.

SEO techniques are as real as the moon and the results as outstanding as the burning summer sun. There are many success stories to prove this, and many live websites to testify to the power of SEO.

Here is a collection of some of the most intriguing success stories of companies who went from almost zero traffic to thousands of views within a few months of incorporating simple SEO techniques.

SEO success stories

Site: walkthroughmission.com

Walkthrough.com was created specifically to prove a point – that SEO is real. Today the website is written in Spanish so you’ll probably need a translator to read it.

Scott Paxton created the website for an SEO competition. To win the competition, users were asked to create a new website, using a new domain and be able to rank it to top Google page within 100 days using a particular keyword which the rest of the competitors will also be using (sounds fair).

Each competitor was awarded points based on their position every day until the 100th day. The developer with the highest aggregate wins.

It took Scott Paxton about 12 days to rank his new website in Google top 100 results after the registration and then 58 more days to appear in the top 5 results for the keyword.

Scott plan for making it to the top was simple: he analyzed some of the top-ranking pages utilizing the keyword, checked their structures, level of depth of their content, their backlink method and keyword optimization – all of which can be done using a keyword research tool – and simply made his website a little better, improving upon his competitors’ weaknesses.

Site: alphagraphics.com

For a company going into a niche that’s already saturated, Alphgraphics knew the journey wouldn’t be easy for them and breaking into the competitive graphic design market would require a level of fierceness and proper use of SEO techniques.

The company hired an SEO agency to help them develop a powerful SEO campaign that will increase their brand’s visibility on search engines result for national and local level searches.

In just a few months after optimization, the company began dominating Google search result pages topping most of the first-page result with an increase of 130% in organic traffic.

Site: besthammers.com

Best Hammers decided to seek the help of an SEO agency when they were dissatisfied with the low traffic their business website was getting per month as well as the slow loading speed of the website.

The SEO Company they contacted was able to implement on-site optimization, add new keyword focused contents, and build better links for the website.

These simple actions began a drum roll of organic traffic to the company’s website, and within a few months, they were able to increase their organic traffic by 45% with about 217% increase in ranking keywords.

Space will face us to tell you of the numerous success stories we keep getting daily. The bottom-line, however, is SEO works and if you’re are not satisfied with your organic traffic then you need to do something about it – either hire an SEO agency to optimize your website or learn the basics of SEO and build it up yourself.


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